These photos are posted in ascending order so that you can follow a trip as I experienced it.

India 2012

In February / March we made a trip through northern India, called “Tigers and Palaces”. Both subjects in the name were correct. We visited beautiful palaces as well as fortresses and temples. It surprised us that they were able to create such beautiful and richly decorated buildings in those days. We were warned that the actual spotting of a tiger in one of the many National Parks was a rarity, however, we got to see tigers on 4 of the 7 safaris! Very bizarre to see such a beautiful animal just next to the safari jeep. We spotted many other animals and birds. I was able to photograph as many as 76 different birds! It was difficult to make a selection from all the photos.

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Tanzania 2011

After 10 days in Kenya we drove to Tanzania. We first stayed a few days at Lake Victoria, where we visited a fishing village. On the grounds of the lodge I spotted many birds. Then we visited the Serengeti NP. The greatest impression was Hippos attacking a group of Zebras and Wildebeests crossing the Mara river. Then on to the Ngorongoro NP, here we spotted fewer animals. I had higher expectations of it. Although it was exciting when a whopper of a male elephant walked at a distance of 50 cm along our Jeep. The rhino didn’t show up, so I only got to see and photograph the “Big 4”.

I’ve placed a small selection of the photos I’ve made.

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Kenya 2011

In September / October we made a trip through Kenya and Tanzania. Our transport was a (4WD) truck with open windows. Very handy for making photos in the different National Parks (NPs). We started in Kenya, Nairobi and drove through beautiful NPs and saw lots of wildlife in the beautiful nature. In Kenya we saw the “Big 5” and managed to photograph them. It was quitte remarkable the number of birds I was able to capture. After Kenya, we drove through some NPs in Tanzania, and then returned to Kenya. We were finally able to settle down from all the impressions in a hotel in Mombasa.

I’ve placed a selection of the photos I made in Kenya.

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Malaysia 2010

In March we made a tour through Malaysia. After a few days rest in Kuala Lumpur we went to the Taman Negara, the largest and oldest rainforest of Malaysia. Then we left for Borneo. Then back to the mainland where we also visited the east coast. The tour ended on the beautiful island of Langkawi where we could recover from the tiring journey. The nature of Malaysia is amazing and I spotted a lot of birds. After a few days in Kuala Lumpur we left home with many new impressions and lots of pictures.

I have placed a small selection of those pictures.

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Crete 2009

Early this year we went to Costa Rica, which was quite an exhausting trip. Therefore we went in September to the Greek island of Crete and spent two weeks in the village of Agii Aposteli, about 4 km from Chania. The village itself has little to offer but Kato Daratsos, 500m away, has a nice beach and some good restaurants. Chania is a big city with an interesting old center and a Venetian port. Sometimes we walked to Chania, but often we went by bus. We made some trips with a rental car. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I have placed only a small selection of photos.

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Costa Rica 2009

In February / March we made a 18-day trip through Costa Rica. We regularly sailed on rivers through the jungle, where many birds, animals and plants were pointed out by our guide or by the local guide. But we also made guided walks through the exotic nature. The nature is overwhelmingly beautiful, we captured one colourful bird after another with our cameras. We’d been close to the Arenal volcano, but due to low cloud cover were unable to actually see it. Both the east coast on the Pacific side and the west coast on the Caribbean side are magnificent, although very different. A trip through Costa Rica is a must!

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Samos 2008

In 1998 we had travelled to Samos and that trip pleased us enormously. So much so that we decided to go there again for three weeks in mid-June of 2008. We stayed in the same small apartment in Pythagorio, located in a narrow street among the Greeks. We had a great time again and enjoyed it. With a rental car we explored the island, which was more comfortable than the scooter we rented in 1998.

Samos is a beautiful island but on reflection two weeks should have been enough, we had already seen almost “everything”.

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Menorca 2007

In September we went to Cala ‘n Bosc in Menorca with the (grand)children for 15 days. A child-friendly island where we had a very good time. Nice weather, good food and good company. Cala’n Bosc is not big so everything is easily accessible. There are a lot of restaurants and also terraces where you can enjoy a cool refreshment. We made trips to Ciutadella by public transport a few times, a nice town.

I have placed a small number of photos.

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Singapore 2007

After a beautiful 3-month trip through Australia, we stayed in Singapore for a few days. Unlike in 2003, chewing gum is now permitted. Fortunately, the city has remained clean and you do not see any litter or chewing gum on the streets. We booked a tour, but saw almost all the same things as in 2003 when driven around by taxi. But we enjoyed ourselves and went shopping along Orchard Road.
I posted only a few pictures due to their low quality.

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Australia 2006-2007

On January 1, 2006, I stopped working. We had always wanted to go to Australia once more and we had all the time for that now. After thorough preparation, we travelled by motorhome through Australia from 16 October 2006 until 17 January 2007. Highlights were the stays in various national parks, where we (almost) were alone in the midst of nature and far from civilization. But we also had a great time in the big cities like Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

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