These photos are posted in ascending order so that you can follow a trip as I experienced it.

Parga 2006

At the beginning of June 2006 we went for two weeks to Parga, on the west coast of Greece. Parga is a small town and we stayed in an apartment in a very quiet enviroment. We made day trips with a rental car. In the ancient city of Ioannina we visited the mosque of Turkish oppressor Ali Pasja. In addition, we visited the largest ancient amphitheater of Greece in Dodone and in Mesopotamos the Necromanteion and the Acheron River. We relaxed, enjoyed the climate, the friendly people and the good food.
I’ve not used analog photographs, but only a small selection of digital pictures I took with the compact camera Canon Ixus 55.

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Bali 2003

After a wonderful but exhausting trip through Australia we spent a week in Sanur. Due to the bombing in Kuta a year before, there were very few tourists. The occupancy was only 20% compared to other years and the economy was very quiet. Yet we enjoyed our stay.

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Australia 2003

In 2003 I was able to take 6 weeks off for a holiday. We decided on travelling to Australia, a long-held wish of mine. We took a group tour with other international travellers. After a stopover in Singapore we flew to Darwin where we started our journey after two days. Absolute highlights were a boat trip on the Yellow Water Billabong, a day trip snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef from Daydream Island and our stay at Lady Elliot Island where we walked 50m from our room to the reef to snorkel.

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Thailand 2000

Following promising reports about Thailand, we made a group tour in 2000 to this country. The different culture, climate and nature surprised us in a positive sense and the friendly people made the holiday memorable. We traveled from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, via Ayutthaya and Suphan Buri to Phitsanulok. Then via Sukhothai to Chiang Mai. Next to Chiang Rai and then back to Chiang Mai to travel to Bangkok by night train. From Bangkok to Pattaya for three days, but we didn’t find this city particularly interesting. Then we flew to Phuket where we had a good time, especially on a day trip to one of the idyllic Phi Phi islands. At that time I photographed with a Fuji APS camera. I’ve since digitized the APS film rolls and placed a selection of them on my site.

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