Australia 2006-2007


On January 1, 2006, I stopped working. We had always wanted to go to Australia once more and we had all the time for that now. After thorough preparation, we travelled by motorhome through Australia from 16 October 2006 until 17 January 2007. From Amsterdam we flew to Darwin via Frankfurt, Singapore and Brisbane. Twenty-eight hours after we closed the front door, we arrived in our hotel in Darwin. After two days of resting and acclimatising, we departed to Perth by motorhome. The 4WD motorhome that we had ordered wasn’t available but we were able to depart with another motorhome and exchange that in Kununurra with the original that we had ordered.. In Perth we exchanged  motorhomes yet again to a more comfortable model and then drove to Sydney. We had a great time and were overwhelmed by the scenery and friendly Aussies. We only travelled a long distance 3x of about 600km a day. Once at the Great Sandy Desert (WA) and twice through the Nullarbor Plains from WA to SA. Furthermore, we let ourselves be guided by the surroundings. In some places we thought we would stay longer but we left after 1 day because there was little to see / experience. And elsewhere, we thought we’d stay for one day, but it was so nice that we stayed longer.

Highlights were the overnight stays in the various national parks, where we were (almost) alone in the midst of nature and far from civilization. But we also had a great time in the big cities like Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

I photographed at that time with a digital Canon Ixus 55 and an analogue Eos-300. I photographed only “automatic” and the quality of the pictures is not very good, so I’ve placed relatively few pictures.