Thailand 2000


Following promising reports about Thailand, we made a group tour in 2000 to this country. The different culture, climate and nature surprised us in a positive sense and the friendly people made the holiday memorable. We traveled from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, via Ayutthaya and Suphan Buri to Phitsanulok. Then via Sukhothai to Chiang Mai. Next to Chiang Rai and then back to Chiang Mai to travel to Bangkok by night train. From Bangkok to Pattaya for three days, but we didn’t find this city particularly interesting. Then we flew to Phuket where we had a good time, especially on a day trip to one of the idyllic Phi Phi islands. At that time I photographed with a Fuji APS camera. I’ve since digitized the APS film rolls and placed a selection of them on my site.